Fairview Cornerstone Baptist Church

Bringing His Message of Peace to The Peace And Beyond!

...Not Good To Be Alone


Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together.... Heb. 10:25

As those living in North America we are constantly tempted to withdraw from others and declare ourselves as independent and self-sufficient.  However, we find shortly after God created Adam, the first man, he also stated that it is not good for man to be alone (Gen. 2:18) and so God makes Eve from the side of Adam to be his companion and perfect strong support. Not only do we find the origin of marriage, as designed by God, but we also find that we are made for community and fellowship.  Therefore, when we think of our Christian faith and our desire to serve God, we should not be surprised that God calls us to congregate together and to walk together and not alone.  This was true of the people of Israel and this is true of the Church of Jesus Christ, the called out ones.  We are to come together as a body and serve one another and work alongside of one another.  It is because of this truth that we at Cornerstone seek to offer various means of gathering together.  The Sunday Worship service being primary, but also in small groups, bible studies, prayer groups, times of serving together, that we might exalt Christ as one voice unified by His cross and glorious resurrection and the deposit of His Spirit which He has freely given.