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Snapshot of VBS 2016!

Thanks for participating in VBS 2017.  We will be posting a preview video soon and hope you can join us again next year! 

​​​Vacation Bible School an annual event at Fairview Cornerstone Baptist Church.  During the fourth week of July (24th-28th) we welcome all children who have finished kindergarten to grade 6 to join in the fun!  From 9:00am to 12:00 pm each day there will be music, crafts, bible study, learning about missionaries, and even snacks!  

Our Missions Project for 2016!

Project Details

Project Description:

Water is a key ingredient to life. And yet, clean, safe, and abundant drinking water is a luxury in many villages in rural southwest China. Fertilizer and sewer water seeps into water systems, contaminating the area’s drinking water. Some villages do not have water pipes and villagers must walk miles to a water source. One solution for creating safe drinking water is to provide ceramic water filters to families. A ceramic water filter can remove the harmful bacteria from the water and provide more than enough drinking water for a family.

This program works with national churches who have a burden to care for and share with people in the rural villages. Water filter distribution provides a means to access the village and share with them in the safety of their homes. Through your donation we will supply the filters and the training to go into villages to distribute the filters or lay water pipes if necessary. This will allow local churches to make long-term impact in rural communities throughout this region.

Cultural Information:

Animism, the belief that spirits control everything, is the most prevalent belief system. When children get sick from drinking polluted water or just the common cold, parents will take their children to the local shaman to appease the spirits in hopes their child will recover.

Geographic Information:

More than 45 million people live in rural villages in the mountains of southwest China. Many villages are very remote and difficult to reach. The project location may depend on weather and temperature. More than 200 different people groups live in this region, most who have no access to the gospel.Type your paragraph here.

Sneak Peak! 

VBS 2017!!

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