Conquer Fear

March 21, 2020
We are all living in the reality of a 'new normal.' Covid-19 has brought anxiety and fear to many. The Bible gives us a real way of overcoming fear.
Pandemics are scary. They infect entire populations. You can feel so powerless. Spiritual pandemics operate in a similar fashion. There is an inoculation for spiritual pandemics! It has everything to do with how you relate to Jesus.
Everyone has an opinion on what you should do with your money. Especially if you're good at managing it. Why are there conflicting messages in the church on this topic? What does the Bible really say about being rich?
It's hard to fit in, especially when you feel like you have nothing to offer. The Holy Spirit gives every believer gifts. Why do some believers have lots of gifts, and other so few? How do we get gifts from the Holy Spirit?
We're ready! We're able! We're listening. But, for some reason, the Holy Spirit isn't speaking. What's going on? The Holy Spirit is with us, but doing things we sometimes fail to understand.
People are desperate to hear from God and know His will for their lives. Some argue that God doesn’t speak anymore, so people are left to understand God by testing Him, reading scripture, or interpreting their life circumstances. Does God speak? Does He do so audibly, clearly, and powerfully?
Some look for truth in doctrine. Others look for truth in power. The Holy Spirit is a person, one we experience in relationship. That relationship reveals the truth.
People are afraid of the Holy Spirit and want to "play it safe" by rejecting all spirits, including the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit matters in ways that we sometimes don't even realize.