The arrival of the Holy Spirit changed everything. And it requires certain things from us. In one instance, it meant someone had to 'disappear.' What ever happened to Matthias? The answer really matters for us today.
There's a real conspiracy. We think it's out there, but it's not. It's here, among us. Its deeper, darker, and more insidious than we think. Find out how it's manipulating and controlling us.
The power and freedom found in Easter is greater than anything we could ever experience in this life. Why then, are people not flocking to the church in droves? The answer reveals a blindness within us that prevents us from truly experiencing life as Christ has designed it for us.
Hope matters. Palm Sunday explores the supernatural aspect to hope. Discover God's hope for you this Palm Sunday. (At 2:30 and 5:30 into the recording, turn up your volume to hear the scripture reading from Mark 11, as it is quite quiet. Our apologies!)

Find Faith

March 28, 2020
Faith is worth more than gold. Finding faith, the right kind of faith, isn't just a worthy pursuit, its a matter of life or death. Here's how.