Sermons in 2019

Love never comes from our best. Love comes from God's best.
We all experience joylessness. Don't let people rob your joy! Joy is never found in circumstances, it is found in Christ.
Faith is powerful; it fuels your hope. What makes faith so powerful?
"If you aim for the dirt, you'll never miss." That's depressing, but its the reality for those who have no hope. Christmas celebrates a true hope. This kind of hope never disappoints, because it's not based in us.
Baptism matters. It's an essential step of obedience in faith. The most important aspect of baptism, however, can never be overlooked.
Marriage is one of God's greatest gifts to us. He has an eternal design built within marriage. Why did God do that? The answer, surprisingly, has to do with Fear!
Disappointed? Been let down? Carrying pain? When we store things in our life that don't belong, it stinks. God wants you to live as He letting go.

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